Why would I want this job?

Effective tax support of business intercompany activities is a critical contributor towards the value creation objectives of the Global Tax Function.  This role exists to provide strategic leadership for global transfer pricing (TP) activities, policies and documentation requirements.  It identifies, designs, implements, and maintains effective and defendable TP policies, and documentation aligned with the business’s goals and it works with the business to implement and maintain TP practices and operating models throughout the Organization.


What would I be doing?

Key Responsibilities


  • Strategically assesses business functions to evaluate necessary elements
  • Collaborates with tax leadership, business leaders, and tax / transfer pricing advisors to identify, develop, design and implement changes to TP policies, practices and operating models
  • Leads stakeholders in related change management where appropriate
  • Creates, maintains and hands-off TP governance frameworks while monitoring business practices to proactively address evolution needs and opportunities
  • Ensures transactions are documented in compliance with global TP documentation guidelines
  • Performs ongoing business support
  • Supports global tax audit management and tax authority relationships

The job gets done and the way it operates within the team and with stakeholders

This role is comfortable conversing with senior management within the organization and is respected by governmental authorities as well as advisors and other stakeholders outside of company.  It is capable of quickly assessing situations and the environment, expertly researching and understanding tax implications of transactions, and addressing pragmatic solutions to presented challenges. It is well versed in US taxation and global transfer pricing regulatory requirements and deploys that experience in identifying, designing and implementing solutions. It works collaboratively with stakeholders, managing the vision, influencing and leading to achieve intended outcomes.


What would make me qualified?

Education & Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in accounting, finance, economics, or similar
  • Post-Graduate/Master Degree in Taxation
  • CPA or equivalent required



  • Possesses strong leadership capabilities, as well as interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Must possess superior comfort around senior management and the ability to communicate vision and purpose across all levels of the organization
  • Senior expertise in Corporate Taxation, TP guidelines and regulations
  • 10+ years of public and industry experience, including Public Accounting (Big 4)

Leadership Competencies

  • Creating the New and Different (Global Perspective, Strategic Mindset)
  • Making Complex Decisions (Manages Complexity, Decision Quality, Balances Stakeholders)
  • Understanding the Business (Business Insight, Customer Focus)
  • Focusing on Performance (Drives Results)
  • Influencing People (Communicates Effectively, Persuades, Drives Vision and Purpose)

Key Functional Competencies & Technical Skills

  • Intercompany Cross Border Transactions
  • International Tax / Transfer Pricing Regulations
  • Key Corporate Tax Foundational Skills